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Venere di Fragole

annafdd started all this.

Since then phalaena and I have been talking about strawberries daily.

I've wanted for days to render Venus di Milo, covered in strawberries (because I want to cover someone from Milan in strawberries ;)

So I chose a few molecules from Fragaria, a photo of strawberry cake as the reflection for Venus's skin and did it.

Venere di Fragole 1

Venere di Fragole




Fragole per te!


Maybe I like to cover Falena in whipping cream!!
Oops my bad..I will behave!

Re: Fragole per te!

It's a very sweet girl. As sweet as a strawberry ;-)

Re: Fragole per te!


Get a Livejournal account, you don't have to write anything in it, just use it for commenting. Then we know who you are :)