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What I've been doing recently

I've been spending a lot of time on experiments and projects I postponed for over a decade in 3D Computer Graphics.

Most of this can be seen on Eurochemistry where any work I do gets uploaded before I decide which if any of the gallery sites I use I might publish it in. Since most of those galleries only support JPEG which I cannot bear, I've been uploading more to deviantART than any other.

Recent work :


An improved render of the Chrysler Building.

Disney Castle

Neuenschwanstein Burg, Bavaria, the original Disney Castle, in a fairy tale Disney style.


3d render of a character I created for a manga I wrote and illustrated in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Kunoichi gi

Kunoichi clothes, Poser 4 data files from a Japanese programmer,
recompiled as Wavefront OBJ and imported in Blender, then the original UV mapped textures applied.

Cornell Box

The Cornell Boxes radiosity and ambient occlusion test.

Grid Primitives

Pixar Photorealistic Renderman's RiPrimitives, sphere, cone, cylinder and cube.

RSL Glowflare

Concept test for animation created purely by varying the position of a lensflare within a cylinder, generated entirely within Renderman Shading Language without any modelling software.