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Image File Formats

At least someone has sense with regard to image file formats.
I have problems with 3D Galleries only allowing me to upload either JPEG or GIF.

JPEG is very low quality, no where near good enough for the quality of work that can be created using Pixar Renderman API compatible software.
GIF is better, but an image that is less than 100 Kilobytes in JPEG or PNG format can be 2.5 Megabytes as GIF.

I always have preferred TIFF, the default output format for Renderman and compatible renderers.
TIFF was developed by Sam Leffler and Silicon Graphics, and is a high quality image format.

Why am I discussing this on my LJ instead of Neurochemic Chaos, my technical blog ?

Mainly because it is LJ who have some sense in this.

From LJ FAQ 246

File Types

Your ScrapBook account can display and store certain types of images and videos.

* Image File Types: gif, jpg, png, and tif

* Video File Types: 3gp, asf, avi, mov, mpeg, mpg, rm, rv, and wmv

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