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Yule Gift

Take all the presents you bought for family and friends back to the shops and buy these instead ... NOW !

Prague Calendar - English premium edition
Calendrier Prague - Edition premium en Français.
Prague Calendar - English standard edition
Calendrier Prague - Edition économique en Français
Politiche parallele: potere e scrittura nella fantascienza di lingua inglese (1945-2000)

From Selene Verri's Storefront

Then ask me for my Amazon wishlist. BUY NOW !
Exploit religion and international non denominational goodwill. BUY NOW!



Wow! Thanks, but I have don't know how to repay the advertising :))

Ex gratis

If you felt like sending me an autographed copy of Politiche Parallele,
I'd be very happy.

Possibly even spend a few months with an Italian dictionary and Google translator :)

Re: Ex gratis

Maybe not autographed, and maybe not right now, but I'll see what I can do :)

Re: Ex gratis

Cool, if you do, you could autograph it next time we see each other :)

Re: Ex gratis

That's for sure :)
Random comment with nothing to do with your entry, yay...

Hi, I got your, er, introductory email :D I must say, you've impressed me. Not many bother introducing themselves, at least by email. I'm happy that someone actually bothers telling me about themselves so that I know something about them, instead of having yet another faceless person on my friends list (especially as I often friend back almost anyone who's friended me :P). I haven't yet looked at your own art because I have a lot of online-checking to do (I had a long and tiring train trip yesterday) but I will take a look at it later.

Also, I'm happy that you like my artsy stuff :) I love it when people tell me what they think about it, it makes all the hours spent on drawing worth it. Thank you.

I'll friend you back now and hope I'll have enough time to learn more about you :)



At the moment, there's more of my artwork on this LJ than DeviantART and Renderosity together :)

I'm waiting until I finish the Venere di Fragole image, then I'll upload the texture experiments I did with her, in the same way some artists publish the sketches and alternatives to a final version of their work.

Also that I don't want to bombard those two galleries with molecules :)


I love your entry under Skin of choice.

Makes me wish I could do as asked there :)