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This now looks like my Neurochemic Blog, due to changing to the Bloggish theme, reading the page source for the CSS URL, downloading and editing it to match my personal settings, then pasting it in the custom CSS section of the customise journal page.

However, this layout puts the location, mood and music elements at the top of the post and I can't see a way to put these back at the bottom where I want them, in the CSS.

So, I'll edit all my posts with these element tags in them, and manually enter them at the bottom, based on the HTML for them from the page source ... it's a nuisance to have to manually hack what should be set through the interface or default. Let alone that I've had to hack and redesign nearly every Operating System GUI I've ever used to make it usable, let alone get anywhere near Human Interface Guidelines. Also, somehow I can't get it to set the sidebar background to the colour I want yet.

Oh well.

By the way, my default settings for this journal's CSS uses Apple fonts, and is best viewed on a Mac.
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