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This is a test post to see if a Sitemeter can be added to Livejournal.

Without spending money on a paid for account and finding out it doesn't work, I've chosen to try adding it via a post.

For the meter to be applicable to the main page, after 20 posts this post will need it's date changing to continue to appear on the main page. The difficult part is getting alignment tags right, my first attempt has the meter showing bottom left within this post.

I have since tried copying the table tags of the boxes to the right, from the page source, to get it below them, but this hasn't worked yet. Various attempts placed the meter box in it's own table, totally messing up the whole page creating a third column between the posts and navigation boxes.
This *does* work ... I just know it could work better.

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To keep your post always appearing on the first page, you just have to put a very distant date (say, 2020)

I think I'll copy it :)
I've just looked at it, I didn't know about it! It's great, referrals and all completely free. Are you sure it's going to last? ;-)

I definitely must put it on my LJ