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People's Health Policy

After reports on the internet last year that the sperm bank at Ren Ji Hospital, Fu Zhou Lu, Shanghai, China, was paying for donations which were collected by beautiful young nurses, by hand, the hospital released a press statement denying this as a hoax.

This however is a cover up. After an extensive three days and nights discussion during a top secret meeting with a Chinese health official, and three belly dancers, at an opium den in Kashgar, I learnt that the government is about to begin subsidising airfares and accommodation to bring people from all over the world to the sperm bank in Shanghai, to diversify the gene pool.

Future plans also revealed a joint program with Taiwan to build a sperm bank available to the entire planet, in a healthy safe clean environment orbiting the earth, the International Sperm Station. The first components of the station will be launched in 2010 aboard the Jessica Rabbit Rototickler II rocket from an as yet undisclosed location.



Medical Marijuana

More and more people who are suffering from a variety of medical conditions are finding that marijuana can assist them in relieving their symptoms and pain. The people who try marijuana for medical purposes state that it has greatly helped them with dealing with every day medical issues.
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Re: Medical Marijuana

Yes, I am aware of this. I did research on endo cannabinoids for several years, a well as havign several decades experience in the use of medical plants of Central Asia, the Himalaya and China.

This jourbnal is mainly for science fiction, technical, a little current affairs and sexual hunour. I have a few other sites for biochemistry and other work that I keep separate from this.