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Eavo Atoll

This is created, with permission, from a transverse MRI scan of a friend's right thigh.

My first thought as I saw the MRI was, "wow, pacific island atoll, so beautiful".

It reminds me of living in NZ, Fiji, Tonga and Hawaii when I was a baby.

There is a now old technique in 3D where you can use a greyscale image and extrude it into 3D, using normally the brightest parts of the image to create peaks, and the darkest parts the base.

These are alternately called heightfields, if used for creating a terrain, or bump, normal or displacement maps, if used for example to create the relief of cloth or another material's surface.

I work in scientific visualisation, medical imaging, molecular graphics and forensic consultancy and have some very advanced software, some of it I help design and test, and this includes software for processing MRI data, and for processing any image as a heightfield.

Then also I have nice tools to take a heightfield, and add clouds, sun, water and render it all, which is how I did this, using the second MRI transverse scan of my friend's leg.

Eavo Atoll 2 is a version filtered to simulate vintage film cross processing.

Done on a 12 year old PowerMac 5500 with a 275 MHz processor, and 128 MB RAM.