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Life Hand

Life is too short.

ForKatie West , inspired by her beautiful pussy.



One, this is beautiful. and those words, life is too short...so true. SO true. i've been moping all night and life is too short for that.

Two, i looked up Katie West's profile...she is beautiful! I found her lj so calming.

You've brought me a lot of peace tonight with your art!
I'll let you into a secret only she and I know ...

Her favourite film is Logan's Run. This Life hand is a massive sculpture in the city centre set in that film, and it's symbolism is important to the future concept of life being limited to 30 years. Katie loves the movie so much she named her cat Logan.

Last year I nearly died, and a few times in following months she mentinoed on her Tumblr (therealkatiewest.tumblr.com) about life being short. so .. this image happened.
well now i have to watch that movie!