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Do you have a TV in your bedroom?

I only have one room to live in, too small by far for me.

Ideally I would be living in a much larger, more open place,
with a view to the limits of horizons.

I miss living in mountains with jungles decorating their ankles,
seeing thousands of feet up and down, and hundreds of miles in many directions,
and all of space above.

So, yes, my TV is in my bedroom.

It is also in my old black PowerMac, which does a lot more than TV.

It does more than MacOS as well,
but I am not going off on some geeky exposition of how many obscure whatevers it runs :)

Access to British comedy, news and documentaries is worth having.

When I was in my ideal remote environment, these things were high among those I missed.



I don't have a tv at all.
Anyway, if I had I wouldn't use it.


This is a really *cute* TV, very rare also. I've been tempted to write a follow up article about how nice it is and what geeky whatevers it *does* do :)

Re: TV

wel, do it then :)