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Food of the Gods

Ayamikhan: Let's eat that Europe thing that's separating us and spend the week in bed :)

Makri: Totally game
Makri: I think I'd happily swallow the Balkans
Makri: I'm not too sure on Austria and Germany
Makri: Too hard for my digestion

Ayamikhan: And I could definitely drink Bavaria

Makri: Oh, then I'd drink Italy
Makri: And North Eastern France

Ayamikhan: Shame there are no fields of cannabis, ginger, cinnamon, cardamum and cloves in Europe
Ayamikhan: You being vegetarian, I'll need to digest a lot of beef, lamb and chicken, easier with Asian spices and hashish :)

Makri: Well you don't need to eat them all, you could send some to Sudan
Makri: So your digestion won't suffer so much
Makri: And hungry children will be fed

Ayamikhan: Good idea
Ayamikhan: Then we'll have healthier Sudanese servants and slaves for our empire ;)

Makri: coool
Makri: I always wanted Sudanese servants

Ayamikhan: Their skin can be so sexy

Makri: I wonder if they taste good.

Ayamikhan: The healthy free range organic ones do

Makri: We have to have some

Ayamikhan: Definitely
Ayamikhan: I'll email Cleopatra later today and get some sent over

Makri: You are sweet