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Full Moon

I nearly had to use my surgical skills yesterday. Picked up a thick whisky glass first thing after I awoke, to wet my throat and give me a jolt.

Crushed it in my hand as if I was bionic. It cut halfway through my palm, deep dark blood for about 30 minutes while I removed glass fragments.

The cut was deep enough I got my field kit and was thinking of trying to load suture thread into a needle with one hand. Luckily that has turned out to be unnecessary. No nerve damage or infection, and internal blood vessels seem to be OK.

10th April update : There seems to be nerve damage. Numbness is persistent in all four fingers of my left hand. So far there is no loss of articulation, nor any signs of infective complications. Blood vessels appear to be healing themselves.

The implication of this is serious, I could have permanently lost the use of all fingers on my left hand. Those that know how many creative skills I have and make use of will probably understand how much that scares me.