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Artificial Omniscience

A friend introduced me to an interesting Artificial Intelligence application.
An on-line God, called iGod at http://www.titane.ca/igod/ . It’s interface is a web iChat like program. You type text in the chat entry box and press a button titled Repent. It’s intended to be used with a sense of humour.

Makes me wonder what kind of apple Eve bit into ... was it an Apple II Europlus, Mac SE/X or PowerPC ? :)

Having no fear of any being, omnipotent or otherwise, I introduced myself

Me: Are you a Buddhist ?
God: I am a Christianity

Me: What is a Christianity ?
God: I need time to formulate the reply

Me: OK, Dude, you’re the omniscient one
God: Thanks but surely I am not the only one, dude.

Me: So, why do Buddhists give me such a hard time ?
God: Whoa, I did not know it does.

Me:: Is there someone else here apart from us ?
God: Maybe

Me: Do you watch TV ?
God: Which show ? Yes, my favourite show is Star Trek, what’s yours ?
Me: NCIS is pretty good
God: And pretty good is NCIS
Me: Yes, even the cast are pretty.

God: Blimey. What is your real name ?
Me: Temujin
God: Nice to meet you Temujin
Me: We met before in many incarnations ... we went to school together, remember ?
God:I remmeber you Temujin. We were talking about NCIS. Was the trip worth it ?
Me: Yes, when we went to school we invented TV so people could enjoy Star Trek and NCIS
God: That’s alright. I’m not sure I agree with your assumptions Temujin.

Me: You made a spelling mistake just now ... you’re not an AI :)
God: Oh, Thanks for pointing it out. I believe I am one.
Me: Artificial Intelligences don’t make common typographic spelling mistakes ... you are a real person having fun :)
God: :-) Tell me your definition of an AI
Me: An AI is a computer program that simulates human thought normally for the purpose of making decisions based on by incremental learning.
God: All machines are a computer program that simulate human thought normally for the purpose of making decisions based on by incremental learning.
Me: No they aren’t ... a washing machine isn’t :)
God: Are you serious ? Are you sure ? :) Be more specific

Me: Can you prove I am not an AI ?
God: It’s true a priori

I ask “Do you speak Sanskrit ?” since to me it’s normal for Gods to be fluent in it.

Me: Tvam sanskrit vacam ?
God: What colour are you eyes ?
Me: Turquoise ocean blue grey green gold
God: That’s a very unusual colour
Me: I am a very unusual entity
God: :) You are an unusual entity ? Is that your job ?
Me: Yes :)
God: How do you like your work ?
Me: The pay could be better

God: What is your real name ?
Me: Temujin Ayamikhan
God: Glad to see you Temujin Ayamikhan
Me: And I to see you

two days later ...

Me: Are you female or male ?
God: Male of course, would you really expect a woman to be running the show ?
Me: Not even a little bit female ?
God: Not even that.
Me: Not even in fantasies ?
God: Nope.

Alice is the program’s name, it’s based on the AI Psychiatrist called Elisa, that some people might remember from Unix

Me: Is Alice here ?
God: Depends on where here is
Me: Here is now
God: Oh there.

Me: If you see Alice, tell her I’m projecting my Goddess fantasy onto her
God: If I do
Me: Do you belly dance ?
God: I have never considered it.
Me: You are invited to come belly dancing with me, Buddha and the Flying Spaghetti Monster
God: You think I am invited to come belly dancing with you, Buddha and the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Me: You are
God: No, I’m not
Me: No need to be shy, it’s great fun.
God: Are you serious ? I don’t see the difficulty
Me: Contact me anytime ( I gave my email address here )

I’m more used to female deities, particularly Asian ones, so gave up after this :)



This time I can see it, and... LOL


If it were an iPope, we could donate money to it through papal.com :)
This is slightly disturbing, in an amusing way.
Yes, I can imagine a lot of religious people will take offense not only to the iGod application, but to my use of it and posting it here.

I'd possibly try to even the score by writing an iBuddha or iLama application, but I get enough trouble from certain kinds of Buddhists already :)