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Why have the following people added me as a friend, without explaining who they are, or why they want to be my friend, when, none of my friends know them, and they have had no contact with me, and they have not answered my message asking the first two who they are ?


Explain who you are, now.

This entire journal is probably going to be locked to my  friends only within the next few hours.

I don't need strangers.


Dude, calm down. Strangers are reading your LJ regardless of those three. That's what happens when posts are made public. No need to paranoia about it. Them adding you on their friends list merely means they can follow your public posts, not your private ones.
I know this, but, it pisses me off they ignore my asking who they are.

My sitemeter stats indicate a few hundred strangers read this, and, so far, no trolls, and none of them ever added me, only friends I knew from somewhere else are on my mutual friends list.

Oh, and, nice to hear from you :)