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Lena's new avatar - ICQ

(05:28:52) Temujin: doh, can't he see it's a cat on an 18th century Japanese Goth chess board ?

(05:29:58) Lena: gah, it's Hitler

(05:30:22) Temujin: can't be, Hitler had beige and green paisley tits
(05:30:38) Temujin: or was that Josephine Stalin ?

(05:30:56) Lena: heh
(05:31:23) Lena: My friend who does pinups had for the caption on one of his paintings, "You may think this is just a really hot redhead, but actually it's Stalin. Few people know..." and so on.
(05:31:31) Lena: Something like that anyway

(05:31:58) Temujin: I am the originator of the conspiracy theory that Stalin was a woman
(05:32:26) Temujin: one very drunken night with a Russian submarine crew in 1980

(05:33:07) Lena: Lenin was a woman

(05:33:13) Temujin: of course

(05:33:15) Lena: I know this because he is my future self
(05:33:26) Lena: I go back in time to kill lots of people and try to start up Communism
(05:33:30) Lena: You can tell by the name.
(05:33:40) Lena: The Lena river story is just a cover.

(05:33:40) Temujin: and Nikita Kruschev, a famous Ice Ballerina before WW2
(05:34:12) Temujin: this is why she banged her shoe on the table at a UN meeting back in the late 50s or early 60s

(05:34:21) Lena: Few people know that that famous shoe had actually been a skate, and she expected to split the podium

(05:34:31) Temujin: yes

(05:34:35) Lena: heh
(05:34:37) Lena: We're idiots