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Dial Another Day

"Internet access across large parts of the Middle East and India has been severely disrupted after two undersea cables in the Mediterranean were damaged.

Up to 70 per cent of the network in Egypt and 60 per cent in India have been hit by the disruption.

Industry experts believe it could take a week to repair the cables and bring a full service back online.

International phone calls to the regions, which have also hit by the disruption, have been re-routed.

An official at United Arab Emirates ISP Du claimed that a fault in the network between Alexandria in Egypt and Palermo in Italy was responsible for the outage.

In a statement issued to customers Du referred to a "degradation in internet services and international voice calls for some customers during peak times".

"We are working actively with submarine cable system operators Flag Telecom and SEA-ME-WE 4 to ascertain the reasons for the cables being cut," the ISP said."

Internet outage hits Middle East and India

"Less than a week after Egypt lost two-thirds of its international networking cables, two more lines have been cut off the coast of Dubai.

On Friday cables linking the United Arab Emirates were also cut."

Network cables cut Middle East

Some loon super criminal with a modified second hand Russian submarine is stealing cables and making a profit.
Any moment now my other phone will ring with a message from M saying I'm back on duty.

Watch out for a white Persian cat selling scrap metal on eBay.